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If you have any questions,

please email, text, or call us and we will get back to you shortly.

Kid is happy and playing guitar with a male role mode and nanny by Mannies of La - Nanny Agency in Los Angeles

What if i don't like my manny?

If you don't like the manny we have selected for you, we will work with you in finding another match. Once you accept the manny, there's a 120 day period where if it doesn't work, we will help find you another manny free of charge.

Am i responsible for paying my manny?

Mannies of L.A. has no responsibility in paying your manny. You are responsible for paying the manny the amount you and the manny agree on. The focus of Mannies of L.A. is to match you with the perfect manny.

What makes your mannies better than Mannies from other nanny agencies?

All of our mannies have a passion for child development and have been through an intensive interviewing process that is conducted by Mannies of L.A. We personally meet with each manny to ensure that they are the best of the best. Unlike many of the other nanny sites or agencies, we specialize in male nannies. We understand the importance of having a male role model in a child's life. We also have mannies that have been professional athletes, teachers, musicians, and much more.

We value the safety of your children. Each manny will have gone through a background check and fingerprint scanning conducted by TrustLine upon official placement.

Why should i have Mannies of L.A. find a manny for my family?

Michael has been working with children for most of his life. He has worked with them in all different environments and still works as a Developmental Kindergarten teacher at the Willows Community School. Michael has worked with children in one-on-one, school, birthday, home, camp, and sport settings. Michael knows what qualities to look for in a good caretaker and will make sure that each of his mannies posses them.

Mannies of L.A. is cheaper than other nanny agencies and gives back to the community by donating a portion of the Finder's Fees to support children in need.
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What if i want an additional background check?

Mannies of L.A. can provide you addition background check through a third party company. The check can consist of SSN trace, address history, 7-year national criminal database search, courthouse verification of criminal database records (up to 3), and National Sex Offender Registry Check.

Why a manny (male nanny)?

A manny provides a positive male role model/mentor for your child. There is a special male connection that you don't get from a nanny. A manny provides tons of energy for sports and activities. The also provide you and your family with a sense of security and protection. Please check out our resource page to learn why a manny may be right for you.

Kid is happy and exploring photo book with a male role mode and nanny by Mannies of La - Nanny Agency in Los Angeles<>>