four decades of research and hundreds of studies have proven what should be obvious to everyone: the more involved a dad is, the more successful his children will be. a father's influence can determine a child's social life, grades at school, and future achievements.

I recently read a post originally published on Earl Hipp’s Man-Making blog in 2012. While the post may be a few years old, the message is timeless and one that we don’t talk about as much as we should. Legions of boys, and girls, are growing up without a father, or father-fugure. The absence of a father has a profound negative effect on children, especially boys. These are some of the statictis regarding children who live without a father (from The National Center on Fathering)

Maybe you saw the inspiring story involving a man out on a date for Valentine’s Day. His date for the evening was his six-year-old daughter.

why kids need their dads

Being a role model is great, but it could be spectacular in the eyes of a kid if you know the secrets to success.

Forty years ago it was a novelty for a father to be present at the birth of his own child. Today we would be shocked if, instead of talking his partner through each painful contraction, Dad was downing a beer at the pub or nervously pacing up and down the hospital corridor.

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In 1960, only 10% of children were raised without a father in the home.

Today, 40% are.

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